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University of Manitoba Debate Society

Welcome to the homepage of the University of Manitoba Debate Society. While in limbo at the time of this web page creation (1997-98) it appears that someone has taken the initiative to get the club up and running for the 1998-99 debate season.

UMDS is a member (at those times when it chooses to pay the requisite dues) of the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate (CUSID). CUSID is divided into three regions: Eastern, Central, and Western, of which UMDS is a part. Generally, tournaments are run on a regional basis culminating in the National Championships, normally held in February or March of each year.

Debaters from both official languages (English and French) are welcome in UMDS, as the university debate circuit accomodates both. However, speakers of other languages are invited to attend, as are full or part time students from any faculty at the University of Manitoba.

University of Manitoba Debate Society
c/o Marlaine Lindsay