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Games Played 1998/99

  • v. Hurry, Hurry, Hard Score: 4-6 Great game, much better than last year. Beauties: Jeff!, Kim, Patty & Marlaine
  • v. Maple Laws Score: 0-1 Beauties: Forfeit - sorry guys!
  • v. Full Montys Score: 3-5 All in all, one of the very best games, and the best fun we've ever had! Beauties: Jeff!, Kim, Cheryl & Marlaine


The First Ladies of Curling

The Sweeping Beauties return to action in 1998-99! A team almost doubled in size, with offers to spare continuing to come from the women of third year (and our manly friend, Jeff Brunner), The Beauties plan to have their best showing yet.

The team so far includes:

  • Cheryl Walker
  • Susan Kennedy
  • Marlaine Lindsay
  • Kim Hertwig
  • Patty Fraser
  • Karen Wittman
  • Laurel Irvine

Welcome back to the returning members, and a big, Beautyful, welcome to our new members and anyone filling in when we can't make it!

The Beauties' Friends and Foes

Faculty of Law
The University of Manitoba's most prestigious faculty where we live, work and play all day.
Glen's Outlines
Our-friend-Glenn stuck as many outlines as he could lay his greedy little hands on onto this page simply for your pleasure. Don't forget to download.

The rock has been thrown times.

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