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At the end of the 1997-98 season, The Beauties claimed LAST PLACE in the league (our preferred position) for the second year in a row, with too many losses and TWO wins....

  • Game One: vs. The Taxi Squad
    • Score: 3-6
    • The win that could have been: fresh and fancy free, we couldn't keep up with the Squad's alcoholic tendencies.
  • Game Two: vs. Hurry, Hurry Hard
    • Score: 4-9
    • Hmm...thought we could win this one. We were very, very wrong.
  • Game Three: vs. Interlake Polka Kings
    • Score: 12-4
    • Terry was just too much for us.
  • Game Four: vs. Leprechaun Kids
    • Score: 3-4
    • Can't believe we lost - that's all there is to say.
  • Game Five: vs. Rolly's Stones
    • Score: 1-5
    • The Taxi Squad spin-off helped us continue the losing tradition.
  • Game Six: vs. On the Rocks
    • Score: 1-12
    • Rhodel, Queen of Law School Curling, kicked our collective butts.
  • Game Seven: vs. Legal Beagles
    • Score: 1-11
    • Bagels, how we love the Bagels...Jeff Echols, you're our Curling God.
  • Game Eight: vs. Law Talking Guys
    • Score: 1-17
    • This was just pathetic - Theresa insisted on playing "just one more end" to prep us for the 'Cutter game. Thanks a lot.
  • Game Nine: vs. Stonecutters
    • Score: 4-7
    • Ahh - the win that should have been: arguably the best game we've ever played.
  • Game Ten: vs. Screaming Vikings
    • Score: 3-5
    • Amazing - we almost took the boys to town....
  • Game Eleven: vs. Curl Jam
    • Score: 6-3
    • Full body contact curling - the way it was meant to be....
  • Game Twelve: vs. Ice Queens
    • Score: 9-3
    • An unprecedented two wins in a row!
  • Game Thirteen: vs. Stevedores
    • Score: 4-5
    • Plantje just scraped by this year - but we still took pictures!
  • Game Fourteen: vs. Stoned Immaculate
    • Score: 2-12
    • A respectable loss to the one, the only, Ross McFadden.
  • Game Fifteen: vs. Squeegie Kids
    • Score: 4-5
    • An excellent attempt by two lone Beauties and our favourite spare, Watty's Laura.
  • Game Sixteen: vs. Dead Weights
    • Score: 3-5
    • One entirely insignificant game - the Beauties run out of steam.
  • PLAYOFFS: vs. Stevedores
    • Score: 4-6
    • We ALMOST took'em. In the immortal words of the esteemed Plantje: "That's the closest game we had - the one against you guys!"


Welcome to the home page of the ever beautiful occupants of last place in the University of Manitoba Faculty of Law Curling League.

And now for a little history lesson....

The 1996-97 Curling Season saw the Beauties field a light hearted contingent of rookie players:

  • Laurel Irvine (Lead)
  • Susan Kennedy (Lead/Second)
  • Cheryl "The Powerhouse" Walker (Second/Third)
  • Theresa Roy (Third/Skip)
  • Marlaine Lindsay (Third/Skip)
  • ....or something like that

Despite a complete lack of experience, skill, talent, etc., etc., The Beauties finished the season with a 1 and 11 record, totally one more win for the team than expected by any member, relative or friend of the fearless fivesome.

And to the Second Year....

For 1997-98, The Beauties bid a tearful farewell to their favourite part-timer, the always charming Laurel and welcomed newest member and McGill transfer student, Karen Wittman. Great things were on the horizon for the revamped Beauties.

We finished up the season with two wins, a number of close calls, and a couple of out and out massacres. Oh well, there's always next year...or is there? Stay tuned.

What does the Future hold?

The Beauties make life-changing decisions. Will they look towards their second season and their FOURTH win, or will the face of law school curling be changed forever?


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The Beauties disavow any knowledge or connection with materials contained on the web pages listed in this section, unless there is some material gain associated with such knowledge or connection, and in such case, The Beauties claim all material gain associated with the aforementioned possible knowledge or connection.

The rock has been thrown times.